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How to Make Quality Content and Facts about SEO

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This time we will discuss how to create quality content and how the SEO world is constantly changing. We will also learn to change your website to produce a better user experience.

The big theme in this post is indeed about the user experience that is the reader of your website. But that's not all. We will also discuss some facts about SEO. Well, too long SEO has often been seen as a way to manipulate search engines. Even though as we know, the website itself has developed. At the same time, people's expectations of the search engine have also experienced development. They, users, began to expect accurate results when searching on the Internet.

So, what is quality content like? Following are the points:

1. Unique Content

Realized or not, when someone does a search, there is actually a motivation or a specific purpose behind it. Then it is our duty to fulfill their needs. We must create unique content, different content from all the web in the world.
Creating unique content is not as easy as retrieving information from other sites or from Wikipedia and just writing it down. Search engines are so fast and smart. Content that is just copied from another site will only be considered an excerpt from the original page. Have you ever realized why lately Wikipedia often appears on the first page of search results? That's because so much content taken away from Wikipedia makes Google think that Wikipediah has the authority over the original content and deserves to be on the first page of search.
This is often a challenge for us when creating content that is truly unique: simple content and better than the one on Wikipedia.

2. "Clean" Website

Today, SEO requires us to think more advanced. We cannot just take or copy content from other people. That is why our content must be clean of all forms of plagiarism or too much duplication. Apart from content, we also have to check every code, HTML / CMS, and tags on the website correctly. We must find the characteristics of our content, products, and business to be truly unique.
Search engines have billions of times fighting all the nonsense about tricks and tactics. What is clear, they are getting smarter and will be more wise in the coming years. So it is our duty to work with them by creating quality, clean, and user friendly websites.

3. Easy to Use / User Friendly

Our website must be accessible to readers anytime, anywhere, and in any way. If we want our business or website to attract readers, then we must show that we are the best. We can fulfill all their expectations by creating quality, unique and original content. Because SEO considers various types of assessments, what is meant by unique content can be text, images, videos, or content on social media.

3. Enchanting Readers

To be able to attract readers, create content that makes readers feel involved, making them feel part of the content we write. There is no name, "Hey, we are the best. So, please fill in the contact form and we will contact you. "

4. Dewaweb 30% cashback

The internet has become a kind of need for both humanity. Internet users are getting smarter and memorizing well with old techniques. People expect the best answers from Google search. Because that's why Google is trying to provide the best answers in every search.

5. Hard work

When you read this, creating unique content and SEO does sound simple. However, in practice, it still requires hard work. That's what causes people to stay away from SEO and prefer to use other people's services to deal with SEO.

6. Do it right

Dealing with search engine algorithms is hard work. Finding the latest tricks and tactics is even harder.
But don't be discouraged, if we do this right from the start, we don't need to make a lot of improvements. Or if we have made improvements, start again correctly.

7. Natural

When building a page or website, or when developing an existing site, make it as natural as possible. The same thing applies to content and other things beyond that.

Think about what if someone (or a search engine) found your website changed dramatically from before. Suddenly, your website that used to be mediocre has a lot of content, videos, and miraculously has hundreds of thousands or millions of followers on social media.

Chances are, people (or search engines) will be surprised. Changes to your website that don't appear

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